Reservation in Railway Jobs Based on Category – SC, ST and OBC

Hello Friends…!!! Many are dreaming for railway jobs and looking for reservation in railway jobs based on category. So for the sake of candidates who are searching for details of reservation in railway jobs we are providing details regarding reservation of railway jobs based on category.

Reservation In Railway Jobs
Reservation In Railway Jobs

Reservation Details in Railways

Here we are providing the percentage of reservation in railway jobs based on category of the candidates.

  • The list of reservations SC, ST and OBC are notified state wise.
  • The caste of candidate is based on the birth place of fore fathers.
  • The benefit to the candidate is given based on the certificate issued by District Magistrate/Tahsildar.
  • Only Hindus and Sikhs have caste. Marriage does not change caste status.
  • The reservation percentage for SC candidates is 15% and for ST candidates is 7.5%


  • In railway jobs reservation is made depending on number of posts.
  • Rosters are prepared based on posts and number of points in this roster will be equal to number of posts in cadre.
  • When there is direct recruitment notification then rosters are given based on cadre. There are 2 separate rosters available one for direct recruitment and another for promotion of posts.
  • There is no use of rosters once percentage of reservation has fulfilled.
  • Afterwards each vacancy of the post is raised by promotion and retirement etc.
  • In case of single post cadre reservation is not applicable.

Promotion from Group C to Group B within Group B post based on Roster

  • If there are vacancies in Group A at the time of announcement of notification then they are included in Group B and reservation rosters will be included.
  • While there are vacancies for a selection period of 24 months then if there are vacancies to be added after 6 months will be added this time and rosters will also be provided.
  • For ad-hoc promotions to senior scale point based Reservation may be provided with respect to number of Senior Scale posts filled on ad-hoc basis.

Downgrading and Dereservation

  • If it is not possible to fill up a reserved point on roster by a candidate of reserved category then it may be deserved in the interest of safety/production by general manager/railway board.
  • If for a particular post reserved candidate is not suitable, then checks for candidates from other community. If other community candidate is also not suitable then the post remains as vacancy and will be treated as backlog in the subsequent year.
  • Roster reservation will not be treated as lapse and will be filled by unreserved candidate.
  • In direct recruitment process, if for a particular post reserved candidate is not suitable then unreserved candidate is given preference. If unreserved candidate also does not suitable then the post will be carried as backlog for next year.
  • In the next year recruitment backlog will be a separate unit and it will not be mixed with current year vacancy.
  • The candidates of SC/ST who have promoted on their own merit without availing relaxations, then they will be shown s unreserved category. The SC/ST candidate will be eligible to get benefit of reservation in future promotions.

Concessions for SC/ST Candidates

  • They are given reservation of posts in both direct recruitment and promotion.
  • Application fee is low or there will be no fees.
  • Age relaxation is high.
  • Free passes will be given to appear form exam or interviews.
  • In some cases relaxation is given for qualification.
  • Pre training is given to SC/ST candidates before the exam.
  • In case of promotion relaxation is given for qualifying marks.
  • There will be vacancy for SC/ST candidates in all boards.
  • 10% vacant quarters are reserved for SC/ST candidates.
  • SC/ST railway employees are given separate grievance register.
  • Preference will be given for SC/ST employee children to get admissions in railway schools or institutions.

Facilities of SC/ST Candidates

  • There will be maximum 2 informal meetings in a year.
  • Issue of circulars on reservation rules and establishment.
  • Railway passes for AC compartments will be given to president, general secretary at central and zonal levels.
  • Will be given quarters based on eligibility.
  • Office furniture and accommodation at railway board/zonal/divisional levels.
  • Special passes and casual leaves will be given to attend meetings.
  • Telephone facility will be given to president/working president and general secretary at board and zone levels with zonal STD facility.

Other Backward Communities

The reservation in railway jobs is also given to OBC candidates.

  • 27% of posts are reserved for OBC candidates in case of direct recruitment and no reservation is given in case of promotion.
  • Age relaxation of 3 years is given for OBC candidates.

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